Going back in time through old, hidden Florence to please the eyes and the palate at Antico Fattore

Florence Duomo CathedralIt is a sunny day with a deep blue sky in the capital of the newly born Italy. We are in the heart of Florence towards the end of the nineteenth century and two men dressed in the fashion of the time, walk slowly through the ancient city discussing of politics and philosophy. They stroll through the lively town now in the middle of a grand renovation throughout.

Florence Via dei Calzaiuoli Già Corso degli Adimari

Florence Capital of Italy Piazza della Repubblica

The two walk in front of the Duomo, the ancient cathedral so dear to the Florentines, saying hello to Brunelleschi and Giotto’s masterpieces, enter Via dei Calzaiuoli, getting a glimps of the newly renovated Piazza della Repubblica on the way, heading towards Piazza della Signoria.

Florence Palazzo Vecchio Uffizi

There they sit for a coffee admiring the Loggia dei Lanzi, Palazzo Vecchio e the “biancone”, the famous David, before heading to their favourite place to eat, as they may be hungry for knowledge, but they also have quite an appetite for good Tuscan food.

Florence Uffizi Plaza

So, there they go, through the magnificence of the Uffizi plaza and then through a tiny road, accessible from beneath the ancient Medici’s building or, perhaps, today they opt for a hidden, narrow “chiasso”, a quirky road named after a medieval member of the Baroncelli family, which leads straight to Via della Lambertesca.

Florence Historic Restaurant Antico Fattore

And there it is the Antico Fattore. It opened only few years earlier, in 1865, as to celebrate the new capital, and it has soon become well known for being a place for artists and poets.

Florence Historic Restaurant Antico Fattore Literary Award

Florence Historic Restaurant Antico Fattore Interior - History

There is something magical yet familiar in having lunch at Antico Fattore, in entering this old fashioned, wooden doors coming from hidden roads just few meters behind the major palaces and squares, away from the crowds, a stone’s throw from a lovely promenade alongside the Arno river or the incredible view of Ponte Vecchio.

Florence Historic Restaurant Antico Fattore Interior Front Hall

The two characters of our story would enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the “literary salon” context as a long list of artists, poets, writers, journalists, painters and so forth would gather at the Antico Fattore. But they most certainly would go for the amazing food, cooked just like the old times: tortelli, pappardelle, pici, the local “affettati”, the succulent meat, the homemade desserts…

Today, Antico Fattore still serves the public with their delicious, traditional meals in that hidden corner of Florence city centre.

Dining at Antico Fattore is like jumping back to the past, as our two gentlemen, we can still enjoy the traditional, warm, friendly atmosphere full of character of this historical restaurant.

Florence Historic Restaurant title Antico Fattore

The qualification of “Esercizio Storico Fiorentino” (Florentine Historic Shop) is an important title granted by the “Associazione Esercizi Storici Fiorentini” (The Association of Historic, Traditional and Typical Shops in Florence) which works to protect and support the cultural heritage of the town. Today, only sixty businesses in Florence have been granted this title.

Antico Fattore is located in Via della Lambertesca 1/3r in the heart of the ancient city centre of Florence.

Find out more about Antico Fattore traditional restaurant on their website www.anticofattore.it


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