In the heart of old Florence with love for good things and a taste for each season

Florence is nowadays a city which gives hospitality, whether for few hours, few days or few weeks, to so many tourists from all over the world. They are seduced by the culture, the art, the history, perhaps the wine and the food.

Away from the touristic options, the city centre still offers the authenticity of old times, if you know where to go and what to look for.

A step away from masterpieces of art and architecture such as the Duomo of Florence, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and the Vasari Corridor, next to what once was Corso degli Adimari, today’s Via dei Calzaiuoli, is an ice-cream shop owned by the same family since nearly a century ago, proud owners of one of few “Florentine Historic Shops” (this is an actual title granted to only about sixty businesses in Florence) in town.

Perche No!... ice-cream shop Florence located in Via dei Tavolini

Unlike other businesses making their living from foreign tourists, “Perché No!…” (this is the curious name of this tiny, family-run ice-cream shop, “Why Not!…”) serves the Florentines and has built a significant community of affectionate customers. From their customers they also got suggestions for new tastes.

Not only Perché No!… ice-creams are handmade on the premises using the same methods of the “gelato” inventor, Buontalenti, but they only use fresh, seasonal ingredients. For this reason, each month and season has its own typical tastes.

In addition to more traditional, common tastes, we selected some examples of extraordinary ice-creams created by the master ice-cream maker Ciro, from spring to winter.

These delicious, seasonal ice-cream tastes show the creativity of this little traditional shop in the heart of Florence as well as the true love for what they do and for pleasing the palate of thoudands people.

Ice-cream Shop Perche No!... Florence

As we approach the middle of summer, fruity tastes, in the form of fruit sorbets, dominate the season: melon, water-melon, peach… We can also find an internationally fashionable “Salted Caramel” which is particularly renowned in New York.

The ice-cream shop also cares about customers with specific needs and offers dairy free ice-creams as well as tastes with fructose instead of sugar, try hazelnuts, vanilla or coffee.

The all-time pistachio is solely made with Bronte pistachios which come from Slow Food protected locations.

Slow tourism also means discovering and appreciating real tastes of the local culture. Perché No!… offers a great opportunity to do it in a forest of tourist-sized businesses. Don’t forget to engage in conversation with the owners, they will be delighted to talk about their work!

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For more insights about Perché No!… please visit their website


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