Through the alleys of Florence

Tourists visiting Florence often go along the main streets to the most popular sights, squares and monuments. The locals however, and some more daring visitors aiming to get away from the crowds, will probably choose virtually invisible alleys, passageways in between and beneath ancient buildings.

An impetuous river of tourists will flow over the old stones of Lungarno degli Archibusieri coming from or going to Ponte Vecchio. Only few people, especially some locals, will choose Via dei Girolami instead to move quicker towards or from the Uffizi, or to go through Piazza di Santo Stefano where many art exhibitions are hosted in the Auditorium of Santo Stefano al Ponte.

Florence historical city centre Auditorium Santo Stefano al Ponte

While tourists walk in front of the Uffizi, as incredible as it may sound, very few of them notice the archway leading to Via Lambertesca, as they are probably too busy admiring the vast Medicean building and queuing for the opportunity to discover its inner treasures and masterpieces.

Florence city centre hidden alley from Piazza della Signoria

In front of Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia de’ Lanzi most people really don’t notice, nor think of walking through, the narrow yet evocative Chiasso dei Baroncelli.

Historical business Antico Fattore since 1865 Flornece city centre

Wondering where to have lunch break with deliciously authentic food, these three hidden alleys all can take the visitor to a quieter road where time has stopped, at least since 1865. That is indeed when the Antico Fattore first started serving their dishes, in Via Lambertesca, just behind the Uffizi, at the end of the Chiasso dei Baroncelli.

Florence city centre hidden alley Via dei Girolami

As a Historical Business, a qualification granted to only few shops in Florence, Antico Fattore has a particular connection with the city, having seen it become the capital of Italy, the year the restaurant opened up shop, and since then having hosted plenty of writers and artists in its cosy, traditional style rooms serving, today like over a century ago, Tuscan food cooked with love, passion and pride.

Historical Business of Florence Antico Fattore Via della Lambertesca

In spring, guests will be able to enjoy the scent of jasmine which flourishes all around the restaurant’s windows; inside, they will be welcomed by the friendly owner Angelo for tasty meals cooked on the premises with Tuscan and Italian produces.

The visitors will be surprised by the calm that the road offers few steps away from the busy, most famous attractions of Florence.

Many others are the alleyways we can go through across the whole city centre; an idea for an alternative, enjoyable slow walking day that will enhance a visit making a real experience through the heart of the city.

Some alleys are masked as restaurant’s outside space such as Volta dei Mercanti, others are unnoticeable like Piazza de’ Donati or Via de’ Vinattieri. If you don’t know your way through the city, you’ll think they are just pathways to some building, or someone’s courtyard, missing the chance to explore the city in this fascinating way.

Make it an enjoyable challenge to discover them all!


Antico Fattore is located in Via della Lambertesca 1/3r in the heart of the ancient city centre of Florence.

You can find out more about Antico Fattore traditional restaurant on their website


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