A unique experience in Florence, discover unrevealed secrets enjoying a journey through art and history.

Walking Tour of Florence – Florence, Michelangelo & Academy

A full immersion into the time and life of Michelangelo to see what he viewed growing up in Florence. This walking tour is a unique point of view on Florence and Michelangelo.

This tour starts at the medieval Ponte Vecchio bridge on the river Arno. We walk from the bridge past old lesser-known side streets to the political center of the city which nowadays is an outdoor museum of famous sculptures. Not far away are some quaint medieval streets which lead to the neighborhood of the father of the Italian language: Dante Alighieri.

Florence is so rich in important works of art that it was impossible not to leave a mark on Michelangelo’s upbringing.

A few minutes away the cathedral square unfolds in front of us in a beautiful array of elegant geometric patterns of pink, green and white inlaid marble. We view Brunelleschi’s great dome and the famous bronze doors of the Baptistery deemed worthy of being the “Gates to Paradise” by Michelangelo. We continue to the Medici neighborhood  to see the typical Florentine Renaissance exterior made of rough-hewn sandstone and tiers of elegant round arched windows. The Medici lords of the city were, after all, those patrons who allowed Michelangelo to copy Roman statues from their private garden of antique sculptures.

Final stop at the Academy museum where the original statue of David by Michelangelo stands alone in all its breathtaking beauty . We will also view his famous “Captives” whose energy is palpable as the prisoners of stone  appear to free themselves from their marble blocks. Don’t miss to visit other sections, such as the recently restored second floor containing famous masterpieces of medieval painting or the collection of Ancient Musical Instruments – a real treat for the curious and interested visitor.